King Luba Projects

It is very rare for a private company, such as African Energy Metals, to own 100% of a concession in the DRC.   In fact, African Energy Metals has 6 – 100% owned concessions in the DRC totaling 176 square kilometers with high exploration potential. 

King Luba PR 13723

  • Located 720km NE of Lubumbashi in Tanganyika Province
  • Geology consists of Ruzizian and Kibarian lithology’s which are typically mica schists, amphibolites and gneiss and pegmatites, quartzites and metasediments, respectively
  • Potential for  Lithium, Gold, Tin, Niobium, Tantalum and Tungsten

King Luba PR 13724

  • Located 45km SW of Tenke copper cobalt mine
  • Located on a thick zone of Kundelungu sediments
  • Potential for Cu-Co

King Luba PR 13725

  • Located on the edge of the Luina dome and lower Roan, thus is considered very prospective for Cu-Co mineralization
  • Similar geological/structural position as the nearby Mabaya deposita

King Luba PR 13726

  • Located 260km SE of Lumumbashi in the “pedicle” of the DRC in the Sakania region
  • Geology of the concession is entirely Kundelungu Group sediments
  • Potential for Zambian Copperbelt style deposits

King Luba PR 13727

  • Located 40km South of Tenke operating Cu-Co mine
  • Located on mainly Nguba sediments with some Roan in the SW corner of the licence

King Luba PR 13781

  • Located 70km North of Lubumbashi
  • Located on a small Roan anticline
  • Potential for Cu-Co

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